Week of 12/5-12/12



12/5 Little Elves Meet- Jen


12/5 11-12 pm- Jr. Ripples-Ross/John S.
11-12 pm- Ripples- Angela/Morgan/Tim
12-1:30 pm- Hurricane- Steph/Tim
1:30-2:45 pm- Tsunami- Steph/Tim
2:45-4:00 pm- Waves- John S./Steph

12/8 6-6:45 pm- Hurricane/Tsu dryland combo- John S. to cover

12/10-12/12 MAKOS Meet- Jen & Steph at meet all weekend

12/10 4:30-6 pm- Hurricane/Tsu combine- John S./Ross
6-7 pm- Ripples-John S./Ross
4-5 pm- Breakers @ CC- Morgan/Megan
5-6 pm- Jr. Ripples @CC- Morgan/Megan

12/12 Penguin Plunge Meet @ NA pool
Angela up until 12 pm or as late as you can stay
Megan up until 2nd session is over(9-10’s)
John C., Ross, Morgan all day
Jen & Steph at MAKOS
John S. on vacation

Any changes needed, please email Stephanie and John C ! ! !

Hello Coaches!!

Hopefully this blog will allow us to communicate general info (schedules, practice info, meet info, misc…).  We will try to post regularly so that we can keep schedules straight and stay on top of any and every thing that is heading our way.

It is a work-in-progress, so please make suggestions to make this useful for all!

Thanks – John Coffman